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The Story of Kathy's Clairaudiency
The Story of Kathy's Toning/Vocalizing
“I have had a famous psychic friend, a person I trust and admire and have known for 14 years, tell me
2 or 3 times that I was ready to channel.   Each time the topic came up my thoughts were "No way!  I'm not
doing that.  I'm absolutely not channeling until I feel comfortable and confident because the responsibility is
overwhelming.  I must know, without a shadow of a doubt, I am bringing forth truthful and accurate information.  No way, I'm not doing it."

The intuitive class was the missing piece, the missing link, I needed to move forward.  Kathy, your class information reconfirmed all the things I had been "getting", "hearing" and  "seeing".  Before attending your class I did not have total confidence in what I was "getting" was accurate.  Now I realize I was right on, all along.

Thank you so much Kathy for following your guidance and offering this class.  For me, your class was the missing link.   
- C.S., TX
“Kathy's intuition development teleclass was excellent.  She is not only very informative and supportive, but the hands on exercises during the class were also very helpful.  Kathy gently guided us in our development and created a supportive and safe environment to practice.  I had never felt intuitive before, but after this class, I think I have been all along without realizing it.  The class was also a lot of fun.  I highly recommend taking this class.”  - E.L.  , TX.                                                                                                                     
“Many years ago I had an INTUITIVE MUSIC reading with Kathy.  I was truly amazed at her ability to touch my soul with her angelic music.  I made a heart connection with Kathy at that time that has lasted through the years.  When I received her email regarding her upcoming INTUITIVE classes, 'I knew' this was something I wanted to do.  I can only tell you that Kathy IS an ANGEL who quietly, in a whisper, takes you by the hand and guides you to make that special connection.  My class time with Kathy, and my heart connection with Kathy have helped me to make that "leap of faith" and make a stronger connection with my own intuition and my guiding angels."       - Callie, TX
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The Intuitive Vegan!
"Thank you so much for offering this TeleClass!   I have always believed in this, but was not sure I could really
connect and receive intuitive insights!   I was amazedas the class unfolded - you gave us an abundance of very specific exercises and techniques that allowed us to do so.   And as we had time in class to experience using those techniques, it built my confidence.  It was wonderful to get helpful coaching and encouragement from you and affirmative feedback from my classmates during each and every class.   I was amazed every week at the specific information we were able to bring through for one another.  And it all felt loving and supportive.

I also loved how you skillfully facilitated our bonding as a group even though we were not "in person" in class.  You established a very safe, loving environment that made it very easy for me to be open, to share, and be willing (and able!) to connect.

Learning these techniques, and incorporating them into my life, has supported and uplifted me! I am ever grateful!                                    
- Gerianne Hummel
   Reiki Master Teacher, Aromatherapist
"Last night's class was amazing [Wk. 4 of a 6 Week class].  I am so glad we were able to tap into intuitive messages for ourselves. I had been concentrating on offering for others.  Very powerful techniques...thank you so much for the flow of the class." - J.M., OH                                                            

"It was an amazing hands-on last night [ Wk. 3 of a 6 Week TeleClass].  Each week continues to unfold so easily." - J.M., OH                                                           
"I took Kathy Landry's intuition teleclass in spring 2011. I found her to be very organized and she based her teaching on extensive personal experience rather than theory. She teaches with great compassion, sensitivity and awareness of protocol in how to protect a client's privacy and tender feelings. I was most impressed with the high level of students in her class. All had advanced abilities psychically but the class would also have helped more novice students. I am already signed up for another class and look forward to it."  - L.T., SD

"Kathy's class was a breath of fresh air for me by allowing me to hear and feel the intuitive communication. Her techniques were unique and spot on with all in the class, and with me. We were able to do readings for each other in about 4 or 5 of the classes. With her gentle guidance, she provided a relaxed safe environment for us to open up to listening with our heart for the messages. It has been an honor to know Kathy's expertise in the area of intuitive guidance." - J.M., OH
"I have known Kathy for about 2 years and I highly recommend her intuitive work. I have worked with Kathy both  individually and in teleclasses.  I recently took a teleclass with Kathy.  She is caring, works hard, very intuitive, creative and seems to be right on target with her teaching style.  I was most comfortable in a smaller class and she was willing to work with me about this issue. We met for 7 weeks and I amazed myself during that time.  Thank you Kathy for being so caring and committed to your work. - A.O. NJ
“The most impactful part of the teleclass for me, was in connecting with my mother who had transitioned 90 days earlier. I had been holding a lot of anger relating to childhood abuse that had created many torturous years and the need for decades of therapy. I had just never been able to fully own the anger or let it go!!  In class, I was able to ask my mother to help me know what to do with the anger, something I could never have done when she was alive. Because of the way I 'heard' my mother so lovingly answering my questions from the 'other side' and the space she is in now, I was able to transition a lifetime of resentment and anger into one of compassion and understanding. What a sweet gift! Thank you Kathy for creating this space for me."  - J.L.
"Kathy's classes are truly amazing! She is a gifted teacher and so much more." - T.K.H
"Kathy is amazing and truly gifted. Her loving supportive manner along with her techniques have been so valuable and wonderful. I highly recommend her classes -- you will be doing yourself a huge favor" - K.S., OK
"I took a class with Kathy a couple of years ago and I really learned a a great deal. She demystified the process and I am regularly able to do it for myself now. I really liked Kathy's commonsense approach to talking to spirit." - A.O. 

"My experiences with Kathy Landry [classes & private sessions] who I lovingly like to refer to as "my Angel Lady" have been outstanding! Join in and enjoy... xx - Catherine Sweet