"I wanted to share with you a story about how Kathy helped my sister's dog Lucy and let that speak for itself:

My sister and her boyfriend had three dogs - Cliffie, Lucy, and Boo. Cliffie didn't have use of his hind legs or control of his bowels.  Cliffie had a wonderful life. His Walkin' Wheels allowed him to go to the beach, swim in the ocean, and otherwise fight Boo and Lucy for fetched sticks. When not in his wheel chair, Cliffie could scoot with the best of them.  He was faster than you can imagine (on just two front legs).

When Cliffie passed, Lucy was inconsolable. She would scratch at the back door constantly, almost ripping it from its hinges. She seemed panicked at all times. She could not be left alone. Lucy was frazzled. She missed her friend.

Lucy's depression worsened with each passing day. Cliffie used to protect the back of the house. Now, when Lucy went into the backyard at night, she seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. She would bark very loudly, running the perimeter of the fence, insisting that any intruder be aware that she was on duty. She never had to do that before. Cliffie took care of that.

Lucy began to get worse and worse. Medication was tried in an attempt to calm her, but to no avail. It was heartbreaking.

As a Christmas present, I paid for an intuitive session for my sister with Kathy. They discussed many topics of which I am not privy, but the one thing I know is that Kathy told my sister that Cliffie wanted Lucy to wear his collar and that she would feel safe then.

Now I know what you are thinking, but when your dog is in distress, you do anything, you do everything... and nothing else had worked.

Now maybe, her grief went away magically on its own. I can't tell you for certain. All I know is this - we put Cliffie's collar on Lucy and immediately noticed a difference.  It really was amazing how quickly Lucy was relieved of her anxiety.  Lucy is a happy girl again and still wears Cliffie's collar to this day.

Kathy is a fellow Vegan, whom I have the utmost respect for. She permeates kindness and compassion, and if you have wanted to utilize animal communication, this is your chance and Kathy is worth it.

I have also personally had sessions with Kathy and I think she is amazing. 
~ C.M.

Here we share Kathy's touching story of her full communication with Cliffie, shared with permission:

"When Cliffie's guardian indicated that she wanted to know about her beloved dog who had crossed over, I asked only for his name and nothing more.  I wanted to first bring through spontaneous messages from him.  First, Cliffie communicated to me a unique and substantial special needs condition he had physically experienced during his life. This came both as word thoughts in my mind 'problems with his back legs, unable to walk', and he also showed me a visual of a dog lying on his stomach, with back legs stretched straight out behind, as though he were dragging them. This was validated as accurate, and so it was the profound and first piece of information he chose to share with me - so that he could validate to his grieving guardian that he was truly present and communicating through me. He also reassured that his legs are no longer an issue for him, that he is happy and at peace, and is also still around those he loves.

He proceeded to share what he experienced during his 'crossing over', and accurately described the internal body imbalance that had resulted in his transition. Then, he spontaneously requested that I ask his guardian how another dog in the family (whom he said is female) is doing because he was concerned about her.  After his guardian confirmed that there is a female dog (Lucy) who was very bonded to Cliffie and that she is deeply grieving and experiencing intense separation anxiety since his transition, Cliffie even offered very detailed insights as to how his dear canine friend's anxiety might be reduced (putting his collar on her was one of them).  He also shared what will assist Lucy to open her perception more so that he can communicate with her himself, and so that she can be more aware of his continued love and presence.

Please be assured that our loved ones - nonhuman and human - can still be incredibly involved with us and our lives!  It's just that for most of us, our innate clairvoyancy and awareness have been programmed not to see or hear our missed ones...until we consciously reawaken our gifts. I am so grateful to be able to make these interdimensional connections...and so to tell you for certain that your relationships with those you miss does truly continue,
and the continuance is more palpeable than you can possibly imagine." 
~ Kathy Landry

“Throughout my life in a role as animal mother, I have accompanied all of my four-legged babies to their transition from life due to their extreme illness or old age. I had the fortune to be in contact with Kathy just as I was preparing to have to take another, my Wheaton terrier, Buster. 

Kathy, through her intuitive abilities, and her insight and special heart for animals, helped me make the days surrounding his passing so much more meaningful, unhurried and graceful, for him and for me.   I have a new understanding of how to treat this process and how to give the four-legged babies the respect and gentility they need.   It is comforting to know that the love and the Spirit between us never dies.” ~ Stevie Farrand

"Thank you so much for the reading.  I have listened again to the CD and have been working on the things suggested through you.  It was pretty amazing that without knowing anything about me, you related very personal information.  I never quite understand how all these things work, but experience has shown me to always be open.   I have now been having some interesting and helpful dreams, and meditations."  ~ P.S.

“When I planned out the questions I wanted you to ask my guardian Angels for me, at the top of my list was, "is my knee healthy enough to ride my bike again?"   Before I ever uttered the question, you began with, "The first thing that the Angels showed me is you riding a bike, and really enjoying yourself..."   I laughed and shared my question with you, to which you were given more information.  The Angels advised that I reprogram the cellular memory within my knee by beginning so slowly that my knee not have time to activate its memory for pain.   I was told to begin on my stationary bike and to do only ONE ROTATION!!!, and then point out to my knee that it is strong, healthy, and comfortable.   From that beginning, I could gradually build up my time on the bike and keep pointing out to my knee how healthy it is, thereby building a new set of cellular memories.   The Angels went on to say that this is a good way for me to build up anything that I am trying to create right now.  They suggested that I use "snippets" of time that are available rather than invest a whole lot of time and energy at once.   This is perfect for my current situation, as I am the mother of a very active 2-year old, and my opportunities to get anything done occur in little snippets of time.  I have been applying this model to my self-healing, to my energy work for others and for the planet, and to my creative projects.  While you, Kathy, did not know that I do not have large chunks of time to myself, the Angels did.  Where before I used to do nothing because there wasn't enough time to complete anything, I now do what I can in the time that I have and then later, I pick up again where I left off.   I am getting so much more accomplished, and I feel my self-healing progressing beautifully.   Thank you, Kathy, for the lovely experience, the beautiful healing energy, and the opportunity to receive guidance of the Highest Form. "   ~ Mary Law, NJ 

"I have been a few times to other mediums via phone or in person and not very satisfied. I decided to treat myself to a reading at xmas time and decided to go with Kathy only because she was a vegan medium. I knew without having murder and torture in her body, she would be a clear channel to the spirit realm. Her reading blew me away. I had severe pain for over 8 months that my regular Dr said  was heartburn, and it was definitely not once they took a chest xray!  Kathy's guides told me some things to do for my chest and lung issues and I took advice and also went to an alternative healing modality and did the breathing excercises and within 1 session my severe pain had vanished. It has been 5 months since my reading and still no pain!!  I tell everyone about Kathy and my close friends and family have had a phone reading and have been very satisfied! Thank you Kathy Landry. :) ~ SM, Vegan

“I received three messages directly related to my future involving my career and its spiritual connection, communication in my relationship, and work that needs to be accomplished.  For the rest of the day, I was in an altered state of consciousness!  My life is changing every day now and my session has been a significant contributing factor in that change.”   ~ T.M.B., TX

"Very shortly into the trip [after having had a preparatory animal communication session] there were Humpback whales - much sooner than expected. Three fed near the boat for some time. Then there was a breach. And then, at one point there were two Fin whales at the bow, a Minke at the port and a humpback at the stern.  Then we saw what looked to be two sails on the horizon. This was a Humpback on his back with both fins in the air, then slapping them against the ocean. He delighted us and seemed delighted in us. And then two humpbacks at the side of the boat in synchrony, curious about us. The naturalists found much of it to be pretty unusual. Hmm.  Thank you for helping us find our place of reunion.  I don’t think it would have happened without your help." ~ S.F.

“Thank you for the fantastic session you did for me.  I was amazed and blown away. You have very unique and special gifts.  It was funny you spontaneously mentioned the huge storage container litter box for one of my kitties [who had been having litter box issues] - my husband found a perfect container at Target and told me 'I've been trying to get you to look at this for a couple weeks!'  I love validation & synchronicity!  ~ A.S.

"One Sunday morning in January, I received a cold call from Kathy saying that she felt guided
to reach out to me. I live in New Jersey, and for good reasons I am suspicious of many things.  However this call was a blessing.  I had been struggling with a decline in my psychotherapy healing practice and through a session with Kathy I was given some specific information to make changes.  I learned that I needed to connect with horses as a way to opening my heart and that this would open my practice as well.  It is now several months later, and my practice has been growing beautifully even though the economy has not.  Heartfelt Thanks to Kathy and her
intuitive helpers."  ~ A.O., NJ

"Amazingly, as you started [intuitive & sound healing phone session], all four Chihuahuas came from around the house and nestled on my lap, as if they could hear the singing and tones themselves and wanted to be near me and near the sound as well.  They curled up in peace.  I believe it was a healing for all of us!”  Your intuitive insight and music brings serenity and peace to the soul…the situation…the heart. ” ~ Linda Schiller-Hanna

“The first time that Choro (canine companion) heard the singing on the CD you made for us, she got up and walked over to the player, tilting her head.  No barking, just an inquisitive look, then settled back down on her cushion.  She doesn't really like riding in the car and usually sits for a bit before deciding that it  is OK.  But when I played your specially designed singing for her in the car, she just lied down and closed her eyes (quite unusual unless she is really tired)!
~  Mary and Choro (Japan)

"To all my vegan and non-vegan friends: I just had THE most amazing session with Kathy Landry! I went into it with an open heart and mind and what an experience! She is SUCH a wonderful communicator, both with me and with the beings I wanted to communicate with...amazing!  I highly recommend her services. I can't wait until my next session!!  She does this over the phone, so you can call her from anywhere in the world. TOTALLY recommendable!!
~ T.O., Vegan, FL

“Although my true intent [life purpose] was not discovered in the session, I realize now that what you gave was much more important.  It's the reason why I have felt "held back" in many ways from so many goals I have set for myself.  In any case, thanks again.  I look forward to having another session in the near future." ~ T.M.B.

“So much perfectly wonderful help through you this morning.  If I told you all the places that I have been to this week, even just hours before our call, that were setting the stage for this information, well, considering that you live with your guides too, you would believe it.  As beautifully entwined as it could have been. Thank you for being part of it with me."

"Kathy's voice is sincere and serene as she translates from the angelic dimension to offer golden wisdom to us on the human plane.  It has now been a little over five weeks since we worked together and I had a significant angelic breakthrough the day we spoke, followed by another round of clearing infection and draining an abscess that has been one of the most challenging issues of my life.  I felt the grace of being held with honor and care, in a sacred space of feminine and angelic nurturance and wisdom that was quite potent in moving a very stagnant condition into a healing flow.  This space was a fountain of what I call the 'living water of love,' abundantly offered.  A very beautiful presence, Kathy is a divine conduit bringing hope and healing." ~ Donna - Huntington Beach, CA

“I cannot get enough of the music CD (digital keyboard) from my sound healing session.  The best I can describe the music is that it sounds like the way one feels when there is a new and better plateau.   The music is like hope, except it is hope as a reality – not a desire.”                    ~  J.O., Houston

“Your gifted music and intuitive ability touches one at so many levels of heart, soul, and spirit.  Your intuitiveness keyed into areas with me to open and bring out that blocked up expression that gets bogged down.  Thank you for sharing the love that radiates from every note."               ~ NanMcC, Reiki Master & President Isis Life Energy Health Center                                                              

“Kathy’s work is far more than beautiful music…it’s healing energy that goes to the very core of the heart.” ~ Patrick Finney, Energy Healer/Teacher     

"The messages you spontaneously gave me were all specifically about ways I can help my spine to heal which amazed me since just that week I had found out I have a compressed disc!  I admit I was resistant to the breathing sessions the angels designed and advised me to do, but they work!  They seem to activate my inner healer... Blessings and Thanks!"             
~ R.S., MO - Reiki Master, Tuning Fork practitioner

"Kathy is amazing!   We talked about my job and she was able to clarify some things for me.  She was also able to give me some advice on how to handle it!  She was spot on!  She was also able to help me personally with some things that I have been dealing with since childhood.  I have talked to other people that do something similar to Kathy.  Kathy is the real deal!  I also believe her being vegan gives her more clarity than anyone else.  She comes from a place of Love!  Give Kathy a try!  You will be amazed! ~ BK, Vegan

“The intuitive reading I received was amazing!  Kathy knew I had fire ant bites that had not been healing on my lower left leg, and even gave insights as to why they weren't healing.  She also saw me surrounded by children.  My career has been with elementary school children!“
~ J.L., TX

"The shocking suicide of a family member in December led me to Kathy.  My emotions were raw, and I was numb.  Even though we had been divorced for years, this man was still the father of my child. Because we had shared a difficult dance for years before he chose to depart this way, a shield of distrust had closed my heart.  All I knew was that I needed a miracle, and all Kathy knew was my name.

Not only were my angels there with specific messages that I KNEW were truth… but this recently departed soul was there as I had anticipated.  He was spontaneously announced by Kathy as someone who had transitioned, and who was communicating that he 'used to lie in your arms'.  What he then shared through her was so clearly “him” and such a healing experience for me that the shell I had built around my heart literally melted within hours of the call.  This first session was just over a week ago, and the messages mean more and more every day!  My awakened heart is seeing and FEELING miracles daily, and the “Ah hah” moments are coming so fast I can barely keep up with them. 

I honestly think the “thawing” I felt in my heart after one session would have taken months of therapy to achieve…..that is how powerful the experience.  Thank you, Kathy for being the conduit, and for sharing your gift with the world. ~ Carla - Houston, TX 

"I was a skeptic when I had a session with Kathy I admit it. But what came through the other side of the phone was profound.  I never told her anything about me or my family but my angels would tell me things through Kathy that only I would know.  Kathy is truly blessed and is a gift
to people all over the world for helping them "get clear" on issues they might be having.

Just had another session recently and it blew me away!  I just felt compelled to write this for other people on the "fence" she is the real deal. 

I just might have to take her intuition development teleclass! :0) ~ Dave Dering

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