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To integrate, unify, and focus your energy towards your chosen intentions and path, the Angels have designed this technique to support you:

  Visualize the energy, that you want to focus towards an intention, as a river of energy...full of life, passion, and movement.  When unified as a whole, the water within a river etches a path.

You may feel that aspects of your energy, your heart, your passion, went into other directions in the past year and created little outlets...or partial paths...off of your main chartered path.  The water of your energy tried to etch paths in those directions, but perhaps you feel you found no thoroughfare there.

You can embrace those pools of experience...and add to your wisdom and compassion what you learned while there.  Your time in those spaces may have even been integral to moving forward as a whole.

Yet, you may also feel that some of your energy is still there, back in those branches or pools...and not integrated with your main course.  Maybe it's your joy?  Your faith?  Your trust?  Your passion?  Your excitement?  Your empowerment? Your ability to love?  Your health?  Your prosperity?  Or even your peace.

  Visualize and FEEL the arms of your soul reach back and gather (from both sides of the river) those aspects of your spirit that you may have left behind...as you sweep them up, gently guide them back into the river... until you see them join into the whole of your flow...the whole of your stream of unified intention.

  Really allow yourself to feel the reintegration...visualize it in any creative way that comes to you.  You may have emotional releases with this.  You may have a lot of fun with it too.  See your faith, your joy, now bobbing along in the river...yahooing with joy and bouncing with the rapids...like the thrill of a rafting journey or a water fun park.  Or feel them slowly and gently floating along, in deep peace and relaxation.  You may visualize and feel it differently on different days...one day a thrilling joy ride, another a peaceful sail down the river. 

Once you're re-integrated, you don't then have to go back and fill in those branched off outlets, or erase them, or block them off, or pretend they never happened, or do anything with them.  Once you have reclaimed and allowed your core energy aspects back into your primary flow, those branches in the landscape of your past will naturally transform in the highest way for your good, according to the natural laws of the universe and of energy. 

And any relationship, experience, or situation you created in those branches, that resonates with you now holding your energy in your main stream, will still be with you.  Reclaiming your energy does not have to negate any person or experience. In fact, your re-integration will facilitate any rightful continuance of the energy (according to your soul's intentions) via your primary flow.  

  After you have done your work, it may be helpful to 'look back' and get a clairvoyant visual of how the branches and your river  transformed...you will likely 'see' your energy river as more together now.

  And should you feel that your energy separates and returns to those branches through your emotions and thoughts, repeat the process...as often as you want to.  The Angels suggest that you use these techniques daily as an affirmation of your integration.   And the more you work with it, you'll find that you can do it in seconds... anytime, anywhere.  

We hope that this will support you.   For highest effectiveness, use all of your physical senses in your experience...hear the river and water, see it, feel it, smell it, etc. 

May you live your soul's deepest passions and missions in 2013! 

Love & Highest Blessings!


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