“ The first time that I found myself suddenly and spontaneously singing and vocalizing, in this unusual way, was during a visit to the beach 19 years ago.   A horse (‘belonging’ to a horse-back riding company on the beach) had just been injured when a riding customer had ridden him into another horse as a joke.  My passion to support the distressed horse in some way led me through the gathering crowd on the beach.  As I approached him, without conscious thought, I heard myself spontaneously began to vocalize and sing without having decided to, and without conscious thought (I had never heard this kind of vocalizing before - I remember feeling that it was coming through me from somewhere else). The horse, who was not allowing anyone else near, immediately responded to the singing, and calmly allowed me to approach, and touch his injured leg as I administered energy work.  I did this for about 30 min. while singing improvisationally the entire time to him!

Months later, I was “walking” a very ill dolphin in a rehab pool while on shift as a volunteer with the Dolphin Rescue Team of The Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network.  The dolphin was experiencing deep neurological challenges, and had a seizure about every 2 minutes.  He would seizure and bow against me so strongly as I held him that I could hardly remain standing.  I began to vocalize and chant a definite melody that flowed to me in those moments.  The other volunteer timed the seizure activity during the hour in which I sang to our dolphin friend…they decreased from every 2 minutes to only every 10 minutes.  Several days later, he was euthanized due to the severity of his injuries.  Although we were not allowed to be physically present during euthanasia, I vocalized that same exact melody in absentia at the time of euthanasia.  Interestingly, after that hour, I have never been able to remember that melody again.

Since then, I have “sung” to many animals who profusely responded by suddenly becoming calm and peaceful, including an injured seagull.  The seagull was very alert with only an injured wing.  Yet while I vocalized improvisationally, she calmly allowed me to cradle her like a baby against my bare belly (I was clad only in bathing suit) for an hour as we walked 2 miles down the beach to my car.  Other animals I have worked with include: both domestic and wild animals I have found who were in process of transitioning; ill semi-feral kittens in a no-kill shelter in New Orleans (post-Katrina) who were reported by shelter staff to be significantly calmer and less traumatized while receiving injections and other life-saving procedures when I was singing to them;  and my own animal companions when in need of de-stressing and calming.
The pivotal catalyst for my passion of offering this form of singing more widely (including to humans!) happened one evening when I casually began vocalizing to myself.  I suddenly found that I was naturally and without conscious  thought projecting my voice in a manner and with a strength that I had never been able to before.   Within seconds, most of my animal companions suddenly gathered around me.  Andre (my beloved feline friend - who communicated with me and opened my consciousness 25 yrs. ago from beyond the veil after his first life with me, and who came back into another cat body, living a second life with me for 18.5 years, transitioning from that life 6 yrs ago) began to immediately display adamant and extremely affectionate behavior (far beyond his usual degree of  fondness he had so far displayed in his many previous years with me).  While I was singing, he repeatedly “stroked” my forearm with his paw in a gesture normally consistent with human movement capabilities (which he had never done before).    This was a deeply impacting moment and I knew it was a message that when I am vocalizing and singing, I am truly on purpose.

My heart and soul's intention is that my toning and vocalizing will be as supportive, nurturing and consciousness-expanding for the people and animals who experience it, as it has been for me…and that it will open hearts to the vast one-ness of which we are all a part.”

With love,


The History and Development of Kathy's Vocalizing: