Kathy 'hears' thoughts and messages from or about animals, and is also an empath who feels the emotions of animals.  You can significantly enhance your relationship with your animal loved ones (or animals you interface with during animal rescue efforts), as well as increase their well-being on all levels with more communication and understanding.   You will find that your bond deepens as you open to communing on a soul-to-soul level with him/her.   Often our animal loved ones are just waiting for us to 'know', honor and relate to them on this level.   And, through this experience, you will profoundly deepen your spiritual awareness and expand your consciousness.  The joy and inspiring effects of this in both your life and the lives of the animals around you are immeasurable and limitless.
Kathy first spontaneously shares messages and communication from the animal, and the insights/tools she has perceived to support you and the animals.   You also may then ask specific questions.
Session recorded.
Also deeply sensitive and perceptive to messages that come through from our
animal loved ones who are ‘beyond the veil’, the highly specific communications
that Kathy brings through promotes healing and your ability to continue your
interaction and relationship with them. 
** Available as a stand-alone

**  Or combine it with Kathy’s transcendant sound healing modality of Toning and Vocalizing that is Vibrationally Personalized for your animal loved one.  This provides a dually powerful experience, bringing optimal benefits and transformation.
Vibrationally Individualized Vocalizing & Toning
This sound modality covers the wide spectrum of cutting edge sound healing for humans and animals.  It was actually born and first developed with animals (see link at bottom of page to read the special story).  
Crystal-clear and transcendant TONING that is also individualized, and often described by human recipients as lasers of light and crystal clarity. 
Often described by humans as a blended lullaby from the Angels
and Mother Earth, the animals seem to have an inherent 'recognition' or
'remembrance' of it.   Most animals portray signs of being in a deeper space
of well-being, comfort, and balance during or immediately after hearing it.  
As you listen to the sound samplings, notice the intricate variations in tone, energy, and inflections.  Intuitively guided, Kathy draws from the infinite
potential of sound to support a specific animal or family of animals. The
result is limitless, and these clips are only a few droplets from that vastness.
CD recorded (all copyrights to the sound and music created are                                  retained by Kathy Landry) 
NOTE:  Animal Intuitive Sessions and Vibrationally Individualized Toning/Vocalizing Sessions are not intended as substitutes for veterinarian care or professional behavior therapy.
“The sound of your voice is so pure and unaffected. The “words” in your singing were not specific to any language I’ve heard but felt ancient, soothing and comforting all at once…like a lullaby in the outback.   I teach “toning” in my workshops (though I don’t have a voice like yours!) and have quite a broad experience as a receiver of toning from others. This however, was truly exquisite, personal, and unique.  A real cut above what is normally “out there.”   Amazingly, as you started, all four Chihuahuas came from around the house and nestled on my lap, as if they could hear the tones themselves and wanted to be near me and near the sound as well.  They curled up in peace.  I believe it was a healing for all of us!”  Your music brings serenity and peace to the soul…the situation…the heart. ”
                                                                                                                       -- Linda Schiller-Hanna, Clairvoyant                  
* Available by Phone or In-Absentia
*  Some sessions may be optionally available as house calls in Houston,Tx area
Tools and powerful creative thought processes are DESIGNED specifically for you and your animal friend by your Angels, to support you both in attracting a reality of peace, well-being, and joy in your life together.  These processes are highly personalized, and you are guided in initially working with some of these.
Animal Intuitive sessions also offer:
The clairaudient and clairvoyant skills that birthed all of Kathy's sound healing modalities and her intuitive and Angel work, originally came to light 17 years ago through her beloved feline friend who transitioned and then profoundly and undeniably reached out to her from 'the other side' (even some unbelieving family members witnessed this)...changing her consciousness and path forever.  Kathy believes that we are all able to communicate with animals because we are one with them, and we need only open both our hearts and our compassion very deeply.
Support to animals (and people involved with them) in all situations, including:

Discomfort & stress of dis-ease or injury, Effects of abuse & neglect, Stress, Fear, Grief from loss of human family or bonded animal companions, Trauma or natural disaster, Adjusting and bonding to a new famiy,  Moving to a new home,  Addition of a new animal to their home, Crossing over or euthanasia, Overall well-being, Travel, Deeper bonding of human guardian with the animal, Animal rescue processes.

Tuning into you and your animal friend on a soul-level, Kathy also shares insights about your spiritual connection and relationship with your animal loved ones. 
A rare and nurturing form of vocalizing and singing that is deeply calming for animals, this vibrational soundscape will support animals in all situations, and is additionally supportive during behavior therapy, training, and home medical procedures such as dressing wounds, giving injections, subcutaneous fluids.
“The first time that Choro (canine companion) heard the singing on the CD you made for us, she got up and walked over to the player, tilting her head.  No barking, just an inquisitive look, then settled back down on her cushion.  She doesn't really like riding in the car and usually sits for a bit before deciding that it  is OK.  But when I played your singing for her in the car, she just lied down and closed her eyes (quite unusual unless she is really tired)!
                                                                                                                            -- Mary and Choro (Japan)
Throughout my life in a role as animal mother, I have accompanied all of my four-legged babies to their transition from life due to their extreme illness or old age.   I had the fortune to be in contact with Kathy just as I was preparing to have to take another, my Wheaton terrier, Buster.  Kathy, through her insight and special heart for animals, helped me make the days surrounding his passing so much more meaningful, unhurried and graceful, for him and for me.  I have a new understanding of how to treat this process and how to give the four-legged babies the respect and gentility they need.   It is comforting to know that the love and the Spirit between us never dies.” -- S.F., Oklahoma City

* Gift Certificates available
Listen to Samples:

To sample the diverse range of the vibration and sound frequencies offered by this modality, be sure to listen to all of the short sound clips.
(Animal Intuitive Sessions, Sound Healing)
“First of all, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic session you did for me earlier this month.  I was amazed and blown away. You have helped me much and have very unique and special gifts.  It was funny you spontaneously mentioned the huge storage container litter box for one of my kitties [with litter box issues] - my husband found a perfect container at Target and told me 'I've been trying to get you to look at this for a couple weeks!'  I love validation & synchronicity!"  
"Very shortly into the trip [after having had my preparation session with you] there were Humpback whales- much sooner than expected. Three fed near the boat for some time. Then there was a breach. And then, at one point there were two Fin whales at the bow, a Minke at the port and a humpback at the stern.  Then we saw what looked to be two sails on the horizon. This was a Humpback on his back both fins in the air, then slapping them against the ocean. He delighted us and seemed delighted in us. And then two humpbacks at the side of the boat in synchrony, curious about us. The naturalists found much of it to be pretty unusual. Hmm.  Thank you for helping us find our place of reunion.  I don’t think it would have happened without your help."    
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TeleClasses also available! Learn to receive intuitive insights from and about animals!
“I wanted to let you know that Nibbles [horse] had rehab therapy and the area where they did shockwave was where you had sighted as an area of issue and an old injury! It WORKED!! He is doing beautifully after years!
You are amazing. I am so grateful for you! -- L.S.