Kathy has created hundreds of personalized compositions in the past 15 yrs., and her widely acclaimed album CDs are excerpts from some of them, along with music she has composed live during workshops. 


NOTE: All copyrights and rights to the music created and its performance are retained by Kathy Landry.  A   copyright release form will be faxed/emailed/mailed to you and must be signed and returned by you via fax or mail prior to your appointment.   (If you are a healing arts practicioner, you may play your CD copy of the music during healing sessions that you give or workshops/group meditations that you facilitate, but all federal copyright laws apply, such that the music may not be duplicated or sold, and it may not be reproduced into any other audio or video recording such as background of a meditation, etc.)  You may opt to purchase several additional CD copies of the music from Kathy (ie. if you desire a backup copy, or multiple copies for your car/office, etc.). 
NOTE: A Vibrationally Personalized Digital Keyboard Session and Session CD is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or veterinarian treatment.
“I cannot get enough of the music CD (digital keyboard) from my sound healing session. 
he best I can describe the music is that it sounds like the way one feels when there is
a new and better plateau.  The music is like hope, except it is hope as a reality – not a desire.” 
~ J.O., Houston   
“Kathy’s work is far more than beautiful music…it’s healing energy that goes to the very core of the heart.”  ~ Patrick Finney, Energy Healer/Teacher
Vibrationally Personalized


To directly support your Individual Healing and Soul-Level awareness...Inspired by your Soul and your own Divine Connections & Angels...a profound and cutting edge tool in attracting your own reality.

* Available remotely
* CD Recorded
* Gift Certificates available
A profoundly gifted angel intuitive and psychic medium, Kathy connects with your soul and your
own divine connections, and intuitively composes music - live in the moment - that specifically
empowers your heart, mind, & body... at this exact juncture in your creation of your reality.
The music is a powerful tool to support you in living your soul's purpose and creating peace
and well-being, and also provides energetic support regarding current challenges to the
actualization of your intentions.

Kathy can either allow what spontaneously flows through the music to flow, or you may request
a particular focus for the music to support, such as a situation you intend to heal, or something
you intend to attract into your reality.

The ultimate and endless value of your session is that everytime you listen to your CD
of this vibrationally personalized soundscape while meditating and feeling/visualizing
your intentions, as well as when you play it during daily routine activities or sleeping,
you are triggered on both a conscious and subconscious level to align yourself
energetically with your soul's intentions.

Your musical invocation will be deeply dynamic and filled with beautiful sound tones that are are intuitively chosen and blended in ways to specifically reach out to you in your process.  Portions of the music will be so naturally layered and harmonically rich that it approaches the intricacy of an orchestrated symphony. 

                                 When composing, Kathy draws serendipitiously from the infinite potential of                                       sound. The music created is vast, limitless, and non-repetitive.  The music is always                                      different, even when creating music multiple times to support the same individual                                           because the music is intuited 'in the now'. 

                                  If you choose a combo session that includes a verbal Angel Intuitive Session:                                     Kathy shares her verbal translation of the music, including the guidance she     received while creating it, and the processes she perceived that are within the music for you              (and where those appear in the music).  The remainder of the Angel Intuitive session provides additional highly specific insights, tools, & support from your Angels.


Practitioners and instructors of Reiki, Energy healing work, massage therapy, Yoga, and other
Healing Arts modalities, as well as Medical and Health professionals often find that the music
that has been created personally for them is ideal to play during their own work with clients or patients...reporting that it deeply supports their own energy and well-being as a practitioner,
and additionally brings benefits to the client/patient.

Pregnancy, Birth, Weddings, House Warming, New Animal Companion, Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Life Paths, Surgery, the Process of Transition from this Life, Memorial Services, Communicating with Loved Ones (human or animal) who are on 'The Other Side', Spiritual Events such as Equinoxes, Multidimensional Awareness,
Past-life Regresssion, etc.

GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE or music can just be directly created as a supportive gift from you to a friend or family member (human or animal).
The following clips are only a few droplets from the vastness and variation of music that Kathy has and will create  (clips will be replaced periodically with different ones): 
“Your gifted music and intuitive ability touches one at so many levels of heart, soul, and spirit. 
Your intuitiveness keyed into areas with me to open and bring out that blocked up expression
that gets bogged down.  Thank you for sharing the love that radiates from every note."
~ NanMcC, Reiki Master & President Isis Life Energy Health Center
“I noticed my muscles release their tension, my breathing becoming deeper and slower and a greater awareness of what felt like circulation throughout my body.  The best things I experienced are difficult to put into words, but can best be described as a sense of healing taking place in my body. I felt, rather than heard the music, and it felt as though it were playing to directly support my energy and health.” ~ C.J., Massage Therapy Instructor

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Vibrationally Personalized Keyboard Music
1 Hour In-Depth Angel Intuitive Session

$185 (Regularly $275

     Included: CD Recording of Music
                 MP3 Recording of Verbal Intuitive


Vibrationally Personalized Keyboard Music

$99 (Regularly $175

Included: CD Recording of Music


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