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* There will be no shipping added to your purchase
as I am now conducting sessions from my teleconference phone line and recording the sessions via the teleconference service.   Immediately after any session that you have with me, I will now just email a link to you which will take you to an mp3 recording of your session.  From there you can  download your recording to your computer in just several minutes (or just listen again if you prefer not to download it).  No more shipping or waiting for CDs from me!!   You can access your recording right away to listen again to work with any intricate tools or insights that you received from the Angels!
Special Package

- by invitation -

Eight 1-Hr. Angel Clairaudient Sessions


($1,200 value)
Support Group/Hands-On Experiences

Mon, Oct. 4

7:00 - 9:00 pm Central Standard Time
(5:00 Pacific, 6:00 Mountain, 8:00 Eastern)





* Continued opportunitY in a safe, learning environment to participate in hands-on Angel sessions for volunteer clients and also for self-communication...with feedback and coaching from Kathy
* Support group open forum for participants (from Kathy's completed teleclasses) to share their experiences of the joys and challenges of communicating with the Angels, and for sharing of ideas and tips with one another....with participation/feedback from Kathy as needed or requested.
* These meetings will not be recorded to provide a more private and comfortable environment for sharing in the support group portion.
* After you register, you will receive an email with the  teleconference phone # and access code  -  note that these may be different than those you may have used in our other teleclass programs.
* Guided process from the Angels to support with building trust with the Angels, releasing fear, working with boundaries.
* Further discussion/tips from the Angels and also from Kathy regarding the above issues/processes, and more related Question/answer time.
* Recording included
* Meeting will be held on the same teleconference phone # and access code as did your recently completed teleclass program.

Special Indepth 1 Hr. 15 Min.

Angel Intuitive Session

with Kathy Landry

In this extra indepth session, a more effective tapestry of support can be woven for you because you can go deeper and deeper and more specific with the intuitive energy while it is flowing in one sitting.  This also allows more layers of  emotional and energetic issues (that are impacting you in creating your reality) to be processed faster and more consciously.  Overall,  you can go further.

* You can receive intricate support for multiple areas
* No expiration date on sessions
* Sessions can include or can alternately be used as Animal Intuitive Sessions or as Communication with Transitioned Loved Ones Sessions
* Recording included
* Sessions can be for yourself or given as gifts.
*  Limit 3 per person

For more about the nature of these sessions, how you may benefit, and client testimonies:
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1 Hr. 15 Min. Session:


NOTE:  Regular rate of this length session is $190


** IMPORTANT: After purchasing your session(s), CLICK HERE whenever you are ready to view available appointment times and reserve yours!
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