Communication with transitioned animals
can also be included or entire session can be
used for that purpose
1 Hr.  INDEPTH Session

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Sessions include verbal intuitive sharing of insights from the animal(s) and also from the Angels about the animal(s). 

* May be given as gifts
* Sessions have no expiration date

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for already established clients and new clients
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Through Fri, March 16 ONLY
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“Throughout my life in a role as animal mother, I have accompanied all of my four-legged babies to their transition from life due to their extreme illness or old age.   I had the fortune to be in contact with Kathy just as I was preparing to have to take another, my Wheaton terrier, Buster.  Kathy, through her insight and special heart for animals, helped me make the days surrounding his passing so much more meaningful, unhurried and graceful, for him and for me.  I have a new understanding of how to treat this process and how to give the four-legged babies the respect and gentility they need.   It is comforting to know that the love and the Spirit between us never dies.” 
                      ~ S.F., Oklahoma City


“First of all, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic session you did for me earlier this month.  I was amazed and blown away. You have helped me much and have very unique and special gifts.  It was funny you spontaneously mentioned the huge storage container litter box for one of my kitties [with litter box issues] - my husband found a perfect container at Target and told me 'I've been trying to get you to look at this for a couple weeks!'  I love validation & synchronicity!"  


"Very shortly into the trip [after having had my preparation session with you] there were Humpback whales- much sooner than expected. Three fed near the boat for some time. Then there was a breach. And then, at one point there were two Fin whales at the bow, a Minke at the port and a humpback at the stern.  Then we saw what looked to be two sails on the horizon. This was a Humpback on his back both fins in the air, then slapping them against the ocean. He delighted us and seemed delighted in us. And then two humpbacks at the side of the boat in synchrony, curious about us. The naturalists found much of it to be pretty unusual. Hmm.  Thank you for helping us find our place of reunion.  I don’t think it would have happened without your help."