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Kathy Landry
Profoundly validating messages
from Humans & Animals
                   in Spirit 
Learn to Communicate 
Human & Animal Loved Ones in Spirit


  6 Weeks - 15 Hours Total  

Live the astoundingly beautiful reality of the interconnectivity that links us all...by awakening your natural psychic medium ability to communicate with your own human & animal loved ones in spirit, as well as the missed ones of others.  You'll learn to intuit highly specific messages from those on 'the other side' and how to continue your relationships - if you choose to - and help others to do the same!  

This is the paradigm-shifting realm that opened ALL of my intuitive gifts 23 years ago when I profoundly communicated with and continued a relationship with my beloved cat after his transition...changing my consciousness and path forever.

Whether you just want to communicate with your own transitioned ones, help family & friends, or do this work professionally, this teleclass is a highly informative, uplifting, and quantum leap experience!

        Everyone has innate psychic medium abilities!

You'll also:

-  Gain a deeper understanding of your bond with your loved ones in spirit, and how to nurture and heal the connection.
-  Leave this program profoundly knowing how to also help others reconnect with their missed ones!
-  Learn how to receive profoundly specific messages from your Spiritual Guides about loved ones who have transitioned. 
 Glean insightful information about why you may have found it difficult to have experiences with your transitioned loved ones.  I'll break open some myths you've probably heard about 'the other side' and how it all 'works', that may have inhibited you from continuing your relationships with loved ones!
-  Receive an additional benefit of this class: Your consciousness, energy, and awareness will open more to the big picture of your own multidimensional soul - and your ability to create your most intended life and reality! 

15 Hours of rich instruction from my 24 years of experience, my easy but highly effective techniques, 
plus extensive and profound hands-on activities that provide validation and coaching...in a gentle, loving, and empowering semi-private environment.

 Whether you are just now beginning to open your sensitivity in this arena OR you want to enhance the clarity, specificity, and consistency of awareness that you already have, the teachings of this class will deeply support you and dynamically move you forward.


"I am 58 and I have been on my spiritual path since 1995, but 
I was shocked when my father (who crossed over 45 years ago when I was 13) and two very close friends who have transitioned (none of them knew each other this life time) came through!  You spontaneously brought through the two long first names of my two transitioned friends.

The indicators from my father were very specific, and the names of my two transitioned friends were exact.  My father mentioned a name of someone living, that name was right on, and he had a message for him as well.  What’s really interesting is 4 to 5 days before my reading I realized my father had never told me he loved me which prompted a long conversation with my sister.  In the reading my father came right out and said “Connie, I love you”.  You also brought through the name of one of my best friends who is not in good health and is in the process of transitioning in the next year. 

So much information came through, the experience was indeed miraculous and awe inspiring!  I was a believer before this reading but I never fully understood that I (we) have so many family and friends on the other side who are fully, genuinely supporting and rooting for me (us) with a strategic plan, an agenda, a goal to assist me (us) – they aren’t just loving us!  The three of them formed a trinity to assist me through this phase of my life.  Amongst other information I was given “permission” to be free and full and happy – just hearing that from my loved ones on the other side has shifted me.

It was a phenomenal reading which I will never forget, it will go down in my life time as one of the most profound, powerful, awesome, life changing experiences of my life – it was a pivotal point in time for me.  Events and information are still coming through daily, information I can share with my sister and brother that will assist in their consciousness shifting and their healing. 

It was a reality shifting experience, so much that I have started writing a book to help others!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Peace, Love, and Light.  ~ Connie K. 

"I had a session with Kathy and she brought through my Mother, Brother, Father, friend, and pets in spirit.  I was just astounded at the accuracy and how she delivered each of my loved ones.  My Mom wanted to talk to me right away. I knew it was my Mom because my Mom mentioned specifically about my stress and hurt about my siblings and my oldest son, who I am not on speaking terms with.  My Mom said whenever you are feeling sad and hurt over things, just look up in the sky and that always made me feel better......that is exactly what my Mom would say to me on occasion.  There was no way Kathy could have known that! 

My Mom also apologized for sometimes being aloof with me and that she learned that from her Dad.  She also said that she loves me very much and she apologized for the problems I am having with my siblings that she feels somewhat responsible for that.  Wow, so profound and spot on.

Kathy also asked me if I have a bar in my kitchen.  I said yes then she says because your Mom loves to lean against it and look at you cooking and doing things in the kitchen.  My Mom said to please talk to her while I am in the kitchen and she knows I cannot see her but she will listen to me.  I have been talking to my Mom now and I tell her how much I love her.

Kathy also brought forward my Mother figure, my dearest friend Iris of 20 years.  When Iris came through and Kathy mentioned her playing the organ,  I knew exactly who she was referring to!  Iris played the organ and she is the only person I know who played the organ!

I also learned that my Dad is with Mitsy and Peppie, Toy Poodles, who I adopted when he passed away.  My brother Alfred also came through and told me do not cry for Me....I connected with that right away because in his written memorial those words were in a saying entitled, "Do Not Cry for Me."  Kathy mentioned his quality of life and it was his time and that was so true.  Wow!  

The words 'life was taken - someone's life was taken' also came up, but that it was likely not intentional or it was an accident.  I was amazed at that because some of my family members thought that another family member who was living with my brother at the time may have played a role in his passing.  That person was mentally ill and having some issues of their own. 

Finally, Kathy mentioned my other pets in spirit, Brandie and Jackie.  She was spot on when she said that Brandie told her he always wagged his entire body, not just his tail, and would look up at me!  Brandie was not sure if I realized that it was not just his tail that was moving.  I have a video of that and I was so amazed Kathy mentioned that!  Kathy mentioned Brandie's passing with a seizure and she was correct about that.  Brandie did not want me to worry because although he was in a violent seizure that he did not feel most of it because he was not really there.  He was looking at me from above holding him before he died.  WOW!

Kathy also mentioned one of my pets who did not like the weather.  I connected that with Jackie, our Shepard, Lab mix, who was terrified of storms and thunder!  She would always hide! I am just AMAZED at how accurate Kathy was.  Kathy, thank you so much for the care and love you embraced me and my loved ones with.  I will treasure it and you always!   ~ Betty H.

"Thank you for the hilarious picture of my husband’s spirit following me through the grocery store, while my dad and uncle follow him!  Too funny!  I have a regular entourage at the grocery store!!

And it blew my mind when you mentioned the name “Birdie”, the little bird we found after a storm on the ground.  We raised Birdie until she could fly, then took her to a neighbor’s yard who had a bunch of wild birds and let her go.  So glad that she has found my husband and they are enjoying each other again!

It was so cool when you brought Gloria through!  I had forgotten all about her. THANK YOU!!  She was just the neatest, most fun person I have ever met!  That she will now help me with MY yoga makes my heart smile. So glad she is in my corner to help me!  I am so excited!!  Best angel session & psychic medium session ever!!  I don't think I will be calmed down enough to sleep tonight!!  ~ Linda B, Houston, TX

"I  just had a most powerful reading from a medium Kathy Landry.  The first name that came up was Bob, my family knows who that is.  She also connected to someone else very dear to me, she said he is transitioned or near to it.  She told me about cats that were a big part of my heart, including the name of one of them.  She is so accurate.  I am still shaking. Oh, my, if anyone wants a reading, she is the one!"   
~ Jill Mathis

"I had the honor of having a lovely session with Kathy concerning my Father who transitioned 5 years ago.  My Father communicated so many specific things that only he and I could know.  I was so heartened to know he is with his horses who transitioned over 40 years before him, and that he is visiting the beautiful land he grew up on.  He asked me to meet him there at the pond which he adored, and I did. I felt him and his dear brothers, and also felt the presence of my lovely, charming Mother, as I stood on the earth where I last saw her in her physical body.  Kathy had no way of knowing that what was left in a trust to me was in question and my Father clearly sent me a message that he wanted me to have what belonged to me. 

The name 'Marla' (name changed for privacy) came up spontaneously, and once again, Kathy would not know of this cousin whom I was seeing the very next day!  When I saw Marla, I asked her about her son, and found out he had transitioned on Dec. 3rd. They had not spoken in over 5 years at the time he left. I told Marla of my session and she was so at peace because there is no doubt that 'David' (name changed for privacy) was sending her a message from beyond.  She, through my session, finally had closure!  Kathy also saw that 'Marla' had a fear of water and the suggestion from beyond was that she learn to swim or heal that fear.  And 'Marla' told me, yes...so afraid...but that she has been working on this issue so she can visit friends who live at the beach.

I felt such a sense of comfort to know my Father recognized flaws in the trust he placed in someone.  As a driven businessman, he was lead by his heart and not his brain, but has worked through things from where he is now.  I know he can hold his head high as his positive energy wanders and enjoys!  So wonderful to know that he is healed from all of the earthly suffering of losing a leg...he sent a message through Kathy that he had 'hobbled' in his life, but that he doesn't anymore!  Kathy sensed that he had previously had an issue with a leg or a foot!  I like that he is in his 50 year old, healthy earth form as he wa--lks around the property that he loves.  To know he is walking with my Mother is beautiful. 

I want to thank Kathy for using her wonderful gift to bring happiness, closure and peace to those of us who miss our friends, family, and companion animals!  For those who are thinking of making a connection, I can tell you that this has been life changing for me. 

My sister is not ready to receive the message our Father sent her, which was, "Take care of that boy."  The boy is his great-Grandson whom he never met. When she is open to receive,I will tell her." 
~ Debbie Basha

"Heartfelt gratitude for the psychic medium session after our cherished dog, Charlie, transitioned unexpectedly and suddenly.  The messages that came through have been very, very healing for our family, and have really assisted me in moving through the grief. 

I was amazed when Charlie "showed you" the image of inside his abdomen that had been filled with what you perceived as irritation and cells that were not balanced.  He did, indeed, have an aggressive cancer which you did not know in advance.  And when you mentioned one of his eyes always looking a bit to the side – amazing.

And then again, more specifics - you received from Charlie the FULL NAME of an extended family member needing support right now.  Not only this, but tons of suggestions on how to support this family member.  And also the message from Charlie of how to support our remaining dog, Dusty who was grieving -the suggestion of a piece of Charlie’s own collar attached to Dusty’s.  My husband then actually put Charlie's entire collar on Dusty - matching collars - and Dusty appeared to like it when he did and it has noticeably helped Dusty’s energy and engagement. We like seeing both collars, too.

Then you mentioned how our family’s mealtimes were special to us and to Charlie (so true) and how Charlie would like his photo to be hung on the wall near the head of the table as a symbol of still being with us during meals.  Charlie used to curl up near the wall next to my husband's chair, at his feet, during meals!   We have since hung the photo and it was the perfect spot for it – it’s right where he always laid.

In the very beginning of the session, your image of Charlie surrounded by "golden" light immediately melted my heart.  You later mentioned that ‘he loved the sunshine’.  He was a Golden Retriever and loved being outside in the sun!

One of the things that is so different, and special, about your sessions - not only do you bring through VERY specific information, but it's all the helpful, healing suggestions that come through. It is the incredible support that is available. This is what really sets you apart. Thank you again for your incredible skill and the love with which you share the messages. It ALWAYS feels so supportive and healing. I appreciate the great integrity and love that you bring to your work."  
 ~ Gerianne Hummel

"The shocking suicide of a family member in December led me to Kathy.  My emotions were raw, and I was numb.  Even though we had been divorced for years, this man was still the father of my child. Because we had shared a difficult dance for years before he chose to depart this way, a shield of distrust had closed my heart.  All I knew was that I needed a miracle, and all Kathy knew was my name.

Not only were my angels there with specific messages that I KNEW were truth… but this recently departed soul was there as I had anticipated.  He was spontaneously announced by Kathy as someone who had transitioned, and who was communicating that he 'used to lie in your arms'.  What he then shared through her was so clearly “him” and such a healing experience for me that the shell I had built around my heart literally melted within hours of the call.  

My awakened heart is seeing and FEELING miracles daily, and the “Ah hah” moments are coming so fast I can barely keep up with them.   I honestly think the “thawing” I felt in my heart after one session would have taken months of therapy to achieve…..that is how powerful the experience.  Thank you, Kathy for being the conduit, and for sharing your gift with the world. "   ~ Carla - Houston, TX  

"Kathy Landry is incredible. I have had 2 sessions with her regarding missing - and pets who have passed. She is spot-on and her sessions have helped me tremendously.   Kathy, wait until you read my blog regarding Ginger and Romeo - you're going to get serious chills when you see how spot-on you were about my beloved pets who have crossed. You, through them,helped me let go of the guilt and sorrow of their passing, and to move forward to Now. It helped me to know how happy and joyful they are now and that they're still around me.  And they do know how much I love them... still."  ~ Joan Grandizio

"I want to thank you for being such a clear and giving conduit in your teleclasses.  I have taken them all and have been so pleased with the content, your style, and how easy you made it to find and tap into my own abilities for deeper connection and growth.  The format, size, and convenience has worked so well!  I felt such tremendous support and patience from you and appreciated that the participants supported each other, too.  Most surprising to me have been my experiences after the Transitioned Loved Ones course [Psychic Medium/Loved Ones in Spirit Teleclass], which I hesitated to take because I wasn’t necessarily looking to become a medium or to speak to “dead” people.  After you spent some time telling me ways people have benefitted from the class, I enrolled.  Kathy, this class assisted me in so many ways I can’t begin to list them all here.  It seems that I was opened to another whole realm of gentle, loving, (sometimes even funny!) support for myself AND the people that I assist in my energy work.  My heart just swells with gratitude for your wisdom and guidance.   THANK YOU for being a light along my path and for sharing your precious gifts!    
~ XO -  Pennsylvania

"A profound Transitioned Loved Ones class last night!  An indebted thank you for all the showers of insight!  Many blessings...these classes are not the typical rote classes...these are Divinely guided and one never knows who will show up as guests and where the topic may go.  So blessed to have this opportunity... Kathy ...so blessed!"   ~ J.M., OH

"Kathy is amazing and truly gifted.  Her loving supportive manner along with her techniques have been so valuable and wonderful.  
I highly recommend her classes - you'll be doing yourself a huge favor."  ~ K.S., OK

"Kathy's classes are truly amazing! She is a gifted teacher and so much more."   ~ T.K.H.

"Kathy has shared with me in private sessions her wonderful ability and gift to connect with my loved ones who have transitioned.  Her messages have been very specific and accurate each time, not to mention powerful! These messages have given me so much comfort and peace in my heart, making me know for sure that my loved ones are with me every step of the way.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to know that for sure.   My experiences with Kathy who I lovingly like to refer to as 'my Angel Lady' have been outstanding [teleclasses and private sessions]!  Join in and enjoy...xx"   ~ Catherine Sweet

"The most impactful part of the Transitioned Loved Ones teleclass for me, was in connecting with my mother who had transtioned 90 days earlier.  I had been holding a lot of anger relating to childhood abuse that had created many torturous years and the need for decades of therapy.  I had just never been able to fully own the anger or let it go!!

In class, I was able to ask my mother to help me know what to do with the anger, something I could never have done when she was alive.  Because of the way I 'heard' my mother so lovingly answering my questions, I was able to transition a lifetime of resentment and anger into compassion and understanding.  What a sweet gift!  Thank you Kathy for creating this space for me!"   ~ J.L.

Attendance is limited to 6 students for optimal group size for our hands-on learning activities - 
Only 2 slots left!! REGISTER NOW to ensure a slot!

- If any of the class dates do not match with your schedule, you will be able to listen to or download a recording the next day. 



Aug. 20, Aug. 27, Sept. 3, Sept. 10, Sept. 17, Sept. 24

* Note:  The schedule is six consecutive Tuesday evenings

Meeting Time:

5:45p.m. - 8:15p.m. U.S. CENTRAL TIME  
(3:45pm Pacific, 4:45pm Mountain, 6:45pm Eastern)

INVESTMENT:  Attend live on the teleconference calls OR opt for a SPECIAL RATE to learn entirely via the downloadable recordings - at your own pace! 

We offer an incredible rate for this 15 hour, semi-private class (limited to 6 students) that provides an optimal learning experience:  Each class member receives direct feedback and coaching during hands-on activities and there is time for individual questions during class meetings. * Also includes downloadable recordings of all 6 class meetings - a library of rich learning and inspiration that you can continue to listen to and work with!)
$250 - Attend live on the conference calls                  (Downloadable recordings included) 
          The true value of this semi-private                       class: $750+

$175 -  Learn only via the downloadable                     recordings! (this option does not 
               allow you to attend the live conference                 calls)


Two days before the first teleclass meeting, we'll email (to the email address you used in your payment transaction) the teleconference  phone # and further instructions for joining the calls.  It is a U.S. based phone number, and classifies as a general long-distance call within the U.S.   Completely depending on your phone's long distance plan, you could incur long distance charges.  (If you will be calling from within the U.S., and you have free long distance to anywhere within the U.S., you would not incur charges.)

**If you will be calling from outside the U.S., please 
contact us at for information about possible options for you to connect with the calls for free or for minimal charges.  

We have added a reduced tuition option for learning entirely via downloadable recordings -
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Only 2 slots left to attend live on the conference calls!
Class Limited to 
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