Animal Communication - All Species

Kathy has a deep ability to communicate directly with animals of ALL species, and also perceives profoundly specific intuitive insights about animals and their well-being.  

As a stunningly gifted psychic medium, she also communicates profoundly validating messages from animals who have 'crossed over' - confirming that they are still very much 'alive' and are aware of what is going on in the lives of those who love them.  This experience helps ease the pain of grieving, and facilitates awareness of the continued relationship.
"Shout out to Kathy and her loving gifts!  She was spot on with our dog Shelby 
and led us to take action and see our holistic vet! (We didn't even give her any clues 
as to Shelby's situation and Kathy NAILED IT!!!)  Unbelievable (yet not) how she is so intuitive.  Our awesome dog is recovering very well and I know that she will return 
to her old self again.  We thank you Kathy and we are grateful to be adding you to our Wellness intervention team for our family!"  ~ Brian Fennelly 

"I wanted to let you know that Nibbles [horse] had rehab therapy and 
the area where they did shockwave was where you had sighted as an 
area of issue and an old injury! It WORKED!! He is doing beautifully after 
years! You are amazing. I am so grateful for you!  ~ L.S.


"Thank you so much for the psychic medium session yesterday concerning our beloved dog Roo. I am still in awe of the messages that came through.  You first brought up a yellow duck. Roo never played with toys, but we kept next to his bed a yellow duck for company. It was only very recently that I put it away. You mentioned a generator and I was stumped until I got home. I then recalled that the week Roo crossed over we had a power outage on our cul de sac. For 5 days and nights there was a truck size generator outside of our home powering our block. I recalled it clearly because I was overcome with grief at that time and the noise of the generator kept me up all night! 

You also mentioned Roo feeling the love in life from a 17 year old girl. That would be my 17 year old niece who was one of 4 people who was "allowed" to hold his highness Roo. You even were correct on the ethnicity of my niece and her mother. Roo was not acquainted with any other teenage girls! Again, amazing!

Also you mentioned his eyes. Those were his identifying feature and the first thing every morning I always cleaned his eyes.  You also mentioned how you saw him getting as close as possible to me and that you saw him carried around in the crook of my arm. Well Roo slept under my arm and I did indeed carry him just as you described. 

The specificity of our session was truly incredible. Thank you again."  ~ Diane Cooper


"Heartfelt gratitude fothe Animal Communication session after 
our cherished dog, Charlie, transitioned unexpectedly and 
suddenly.  The messages that came through have been very, 
very healing for our family, and have really assisted me in 
moving through the grief. 

I was amazed when Charlie "showed you" the image of inside 
his abdomen that had been filled with what you perceived as 
irritation and cells that were not balanced.  He did, indeed, 
havan aggressive cancer which you did not know in advance. 
Andwhen you mentioned one of his eyes always looking a bit 
to the side – amazing.

And then again, more specifics - you received from Charlie the 
FULL NAME of an extended family member needing support 
right now.  Not only this, but tons of suggestions on how to 
support this family member.  And also the message from Charlie of how to support our remaining dog, Dusty who was grieving -the suggestion of a piece of Charlie’s own collar attached to Dusty’s.  My husband then actually put Charlie's entire collar on Dusty - matching collars - and Dusty appeared to like it when he did and it has noticeably helped Dusty’s energy and engagement. We like seeing both collars, too.

Then you mentioned how our family’s mealtimes were special to us and to Charlie (so true) 
and how Charlie would like his photo to be hung on the wall near the head of the table as 
a symbol of still being with us during meals.  Charlie used to curl up near the wall next to 
my husband's chair, at his feet, during meals!   We have since hung the photo and it was 
the perfect spot for it – it’s right where he always laid.

In the very beginning of the session, your image of Charlie surrounded by "golden" light immediately melted my heart. You later mentioned that ‘he loved the sunshine’.  He was a 
Golden Retriever and loved being outside in the sun!

One of the things that is so different, and special, about your sessions - not only do you 
bring through VERY specific information, but it's all the helpful, healing suggestions that 
come through. It is the incredible support that is available. This is what really sets you apart. 
Thank you again for your incredible skill and the love with which you share the messages. 
It ALWAYS feels so supportive and healing. I appreciate the great integrity and love that you bring to your work."   ~ Gerianne Hummel


"I have received an animal communication reading from Kathy, during an especially emergent time, and she helped us SO much. Whenever I must make those types of decisions, I will call on her in the future.  In addition, I VERY highly recommend her animal communication teleclass to any and everyone who longs to 'talk to animals'.  ~ Beth Hardesty


"Kathy Landry is incredible. I have had 2 sessions with her regarding missing - and pets who have passed. She is spot-on and her sessions have helped me tremendously.   Kathy, wait until you read my blog regarding Ginger and Romeo - you're going to get serious chills when you see how spot-on you were about my beloved pets who have crossed. You, through them,helped me let go of the guilt and sorrow of their passing, and to move forward to Now. It helped me to know how happy and joyful they are now and that they're still around me. 
And they do know how much I love them... still."  Joan Grandizio


"Throughout my life in a role as animal mother, I have accompanied all of my four-legged babies to their transition from life due to their extreme illness or old age. I had the fortune to be in contact with Kathy just as I was preparing to have to take another, my Wheaton 
terrier, Buster.  

Kathy, through her intuitive abilities, and her insight and special heart for animals, helped me make the days surrounding his passing so much more meaningful, unhurried and graceful, for him and for me.   I have a new understanding of how to treat this process and how to give the four-legged babies the respect and gentility they need.   It is comforting to know that the love and the Spirit between us never dies.”   ~  Stevie Farrand


“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic session you did for me earlier this month.  
I was amazed and blown away. You have helped me much and have very unique and special gifts.  It was funny you spontaneously suggesting getting a huge storage container litter box for one of my kitties [who was indeed having litter box issues] - my husband found a perfect container at Target and told me 'I've been trying to get you to look at this for a couple weeks!'  I love validation & synchronicity!"  ~ Amie  


"Very shortly into the trip [after having had a preparatory animal communication session] there were Humpback whales- much sooner than expected. Three fed near the boat for some time. Then there was a breach. And then, at one point there were two Fin whales at the bow, a Minke at the port and a humpback at the stern.  Then we saw what looked to be two sails on the horizon. This was a Humpback on his back both fins in the air, then slapping them against the ocean. He delighted us and seemed delighted in us. And then two humpbacks at the side of the boat in synchrony, curious about us. The naturalists found much of it to be pretty unusual. Hmm.  Thank you for helping us find our place of reunion.  I don’t think it would have happened without your help." ~ S.F.


"I wanted to share with you a story about how Kathy helped my sister's dog Lucy and let that speak for itself:

My sister and her boyfriend had three dogs - Cliffie, 
Lucy, and Boo. Cliffie didn't have use of his hind legs
or control of his bowels.  Cliffie had a wonderful life. 
His Walkin' Wheels allowed him to go to the beach, 
swim in the ocean, and otherwise fight Boo and Lucy 
for fetched sticks. When not in his wheel chair, Cliffie 
could scoot with the best of them.  He was faster 
than you can imagine (on just two front legs).

When Cliffie passed, Lucy was inconsolable. She 
would scratch at the back door constantly, almost 
ripping it from its hinges. She seemed panicked at 
all times. She could not be left alone. Lucy was 
frazzled. She missed her friend.

Lucy's depression worsened with each passing day. Cliffie used to protect the back of the house. Now, when Lucy went into the backyard at night, she seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. She would bark very loudly, running the perimeter of the fence, insisting that any intruder be aware that she was on duty. She never had to do that before. Cliffie took care of that.

Lucy began to get worse and worse. Medication was tried in an attempt to calm her, 
but to no avail. It was heartbreaking.

As a Christmas present, I paid for an intuitive session for my sister with Kathy. They discussed many topics of which I am not privy, but the one thing I know is that Kathy told 
my sister that Cliffie wanted Lucy to wear his collar and that she would feel safe then.

Now I know what you are thinking, but when your dog is in distress, you do anything, you do everything... and nothing else had worked.

Now maybe, her grief went away magically on its own. I can't tell you for certain. All I know is this - we put Cliffie's collar on Lucy and immediately noticed a difference.  It really was amazing how quickly Lucy was relieved of her anxiety.  Lucy is a happy girl again and still wears Cliffie's collar to this day.

Kathy is a fellow Vegan, whom I have the utmost respect for. She permeates kindness and compassion, and if you have wanted to utilize animal communication, this is your chance and Kathy is worth it.

I have also personally had sessions with Kathy and I think she is amazing.  ~ C. Miller 

Here we share Kathy's own moving story of her full communication with Cliffie, shared with the permission of Cliffie's guardian:

"When Cliffie's guardian indicated that she wanted to know about her beloved dog who had crossed over, I asked only for his name and nothing more.  I wanted to first bring through spontaneous messages from him.  First, Cliffie communicated to me a unique and substantial special needs condition he had physically experienced during his life. This came both as word thoughts in my mind 'problems with his back legs, unable to walk', and he also showed me a visual of himself lying on his stomach, with back legs stretched straight out behind, as though he were dragging them. This was validated as accurate, and so it was the profound and first piece of information he chose to share with me - so that he could validate to his grieving guardian that he was truly present and communicating through me. He also reassured that his legs are no longer an issue for him, that he is happy and at peace, and is also still around those he loves.

He proceeded to share what he experienced during his 'crossing over', and accurately described the internal body imbalance that had resulted in his transition (validated by the guardian). Then, he spontaneously requested that I ask his guardian how another dog in the family (whom he said is female) is doing because he was concerned about her.  After his guardian confirmed that there is a female dog (Lucy) who was very bonded to Cliffie and that she is deeply grieving and experiencing intense separation anxiety since his transition, Cliffie even offered very detailed insights as to how his dear canine friend's anxiety might be reduced (putting his collar on her was one of them).  He also shared what will assist Lucy to open her perception more so that he can communicate with her himself, and so that she can be more aware of his continued love and presence.

Please be assured that our loved ones - nonhuman and human - can still be incredibly involved with us and our lives!  It's just that for most of us, our innate clairvoyancy and awareness have been programmed not to see or hear our missed ones...until we consciously reawaken our gifts. I am so grateful to be able to make these interdimensional connections...and so to tell you for certain that your relationships with those you miss does truly continue, and the continuance is more palpeable than you can possibly imagine."  ~ Kathy Landry 


"To Be or Not To Be...Fenway or Figaro?"

"Recently, Kathy gave me an animal communication 
reading about a new feral kitten that we adopted. 
We had spent six weeks attempting to rescue this 
kitten and finally did. During this stage we called him 
Fuzzy, all the while forming a bond with him, as at 
the start of the six weeks we had rescued his 
mother and four brothers and sisters in one week-
end, thereby leaving him completely alone. 
When we finally got him home to our house four 
weeks after the rescue, the name Fuzzy didn't feel 
right.  We wanted to start him off fresh and new. 
So, after much searching of name lists and throwing 
out suggestions, we finally named him Fenway and 
called him Fenny; however, he didn't seem to own 
the name. 
I asked Kathy if he liked his name. He communicated to her that he liked the beginning (Fen) but wanted something different for the second part (must not have been a fan of the Boston Red Sox!).  Kathy then intuited from him that he prefers the name Figaro - a more powerful name than Fenway - or some sort of Italian name. My laughter came immediately because Figaro was one of the names we considered for awhile, thinking we could call him Figgy but we ultimately chose Fenway. 
Needless to say, from the day of our session forward he became Figaro. He took to his name immediately and comes when he is called!"  ~ Mary Ross 


"My soul kitty passed 4 years ago and I felt "stuck" in place for 4 very long years.  Even though the worst of the grief had passed, I was having a difficult time moving forward without my O'Malley.  In one hour long session with Kathy I was able to feel more connected not only to O'Malley, but finally to myself.  I now feel as though I can move forward with a sense of peace I have been missing for quite some time.  The session I had has really changed my life."  ~ Kathi                                                    

* Kathy has lived a vegan lifestyle and has been an advocate for all
animals for 15 years.

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Kathy Landry
Animal Communicator 
Cliffie - Photo by C.Miller
Figaro - Photo by Mary Ross
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"To know Kathy Landry is to know 
pure love for the animals.  Be blessed 
by her!  Kathy was one of our keynote speakers at the Vegan Awareness Festival & Fundraiser for Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and everyone loved her message!"

~ Renee King-Sonnen
 Founder & CEO of
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary 
for Farm Animals

Kathy with Stormy (rescued blind calf) 
at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary 
(Oct 31, 2015)